About Us

A Travel Blog with a Difference…

I am constantly in awe of our wonderful, wild planet.

I’m desperate to experience as much as I can of our wonderful, amazing, incredible Earth and the animals that I so adore that live alongside us.

This travel blog aims to show you how you can see the a world of wildlife, One Wild Thing at a time.

Who Am I?

Do you ever look at travel blogs in absolute awe of the multitude of places people seem to have touched down, seemingly giving up their entire lives to travel the world?

Well sadly, I am not that person.

I’m not someone with hundreds of dives in their PADI log book, or someone with exceptional skills of navigation and the legs of a mountain goat. I’m not an experienced twitcher, able to identify any birds which flutters across my path, or someone who can afford to spend days wading through wilderness in search of a glimpse of something spectacular.

My name is Lucy. I work full time as a teacher in the UK. There is, famously, one big carrot in teaching: a nice allocation of holiday. In those in between times I try to explore as many places as possible. When I do, I’m looking for wildlife wherever the opportunity arises.

You Can Too

I hope you’ll find here a realistic look at how you too, can fill your life with wild experiences, without needing to take up a constantly nomadic lifestyle or dedicate years to forming new skills and contacts.

Two weeks here and there can add up to a wealth of incredible experiences. One Wild Thing at a time.

By sharing my experiences, I hope you’ll be able to follow in my footsteps to jaw-dropping places, wonderful people and spectacular wildlife.

Tell Us All About It!

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I’d love to hear all about your adventures in the comments.

Happy travels, Wild Things!